Naturaborn Goose Down Pillow
Naturaborn Goose Down Pillow
Naturaborn Goose Down Pillow
Naturaborn Goose Down Pillow

Naturaborn Goose Down Pillow

Brand : Naturaborn
Price : €36,00(Vat included)
Barkod : 8682815301019
It does not contain any dyestuff. For the health of your children and the environment, only 100% cotton organic wash fabric is used in our goose down pillow.
Thanks to the breathing feature of cotton, which is a natural fiber, you can experience a healthy, natural and comfortable sleep.
The goose down content used in our products has been chosen and designed especially considering the sensitivity of our babies. Our pillow filling consists of 90% jowl and 10% back feathers.
Goose Feather ;
It has hygroscopic feature.
Heat and humidity stabilizer.
It absorbs the moisture in the environment and leaves it back when not in use.
It is the lightest filler.
It is natural, light, healthy and soft.
Its characteristics change according to the tickle and back hair ratio.
Washing instructions;
Dry cleaning is recommended as a priority. If it is to be washed at home, it is recommended to wash at 30°C. It should be dried in the dryer in a sensitive program to ensure that it dries well.
It is important that the goose down pillows are ventilated and fluffed by hitting their opposite edges every day while collecting the mattress, and that the quilts are shaken and aired at least once a week by gently holding them from different sides. In this way, we loosen the filling and ensure that it is freed from moisture by re-swelling.
All of our products are produced in Turkey.
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